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Jasper Consultants was established in 1995 with one technician and four
clients. Since our humble beginning, we grew from strength to strength
and only due to our service excellence. During 1999 we started a web
development and hosting department. Within one year we developed
over 400 websites, and hosted more than 600. After 14 years we have
now 4 Departments consisting of more than 30 Technicians, 3 Sales
teams (which include telesales and road sales), Web (Graphic
Designers and Web developers) and Programming.
Our website department grew to more than 2000 customers
whose websites we developed and host. To be able to
accommodate our growing customer•s needs we hired
only the best in their fields • from graphic designers,
web developers, IT Specialists to Software
Our infra structure also reflects our commitment
to our customers which includes a micro-wave
tower and state of the art server room. In today•s
information technology era, servers are one
of the most valuable assets in any
company. We have a state of the
art server room, with a powerful
air conditioner to keep the servers
at optimal running temperature and a
U.P.S. to ensure constant up time. Our
servers incorporate Raid 5 technology
which spreads data over multiple hard
drives. If a failure occurs, the other hard drives
in the server carry on as normal. For protection,
our server room has gas and two independent
alarm systems. If triggered, armed response
will arrive. For back-up purposes, we have a
second line route underground to make sure your website
runs no matter what. With all this security your business is in
good hands.
Since 1995, Jasper Consultants• sole aim is customer satisfaction.
This underlines every aspect of our organization.